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Interplay is a low-code middleware platform that enables you to build innovative applications 17x faster.

Building Innovative applications requires software components from Startups, AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain and Data Access. Interplay packages these five forces of innovation into one single drag and drop platform.

What's New in Interplay Spirit?

Advanced AI workflow

Now we support granular AI workflow with multiple nodes, support large datasets and integrations to AWS Sage Maker and Google Vertex engines.

Visual Page Builder

Simple Drag and Drop canvas to build web and mobile applications faster.

Figma Code Generator

Ability to turn your designs into responsive React code. This enables your front-end teams to integrate seamlessly with Interplay.

Jupyter Integration

Ability to build data science applications in your favorite Jupyter notebook and import them into Inteplay for continued workflow and coding.

OCR/RPA Trainer

Built in trainer to train various forms of documents and build intellegent workflow processes.

Configurable Applications

Easily configure large scale enterprise applications visually and deploy them with ease.

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